KB14200: Budget Workflow 1.0

The Budget Workflow Add-In for SharePoint currently has one issue you should be aware of. If you create a Functional Area that has a title which includes an ampersand (&), you will get an error with the Budget Requests for that Functional Area, and will not be able to proceed. We will be including a fix for this issue in the next version of the Budget Workflow Add-In. In the meantime, go to App Administration > Functional Areas, and edit the list items which include an ampersand and change it to "and". For instance, a Functional Area named "Meals & Entertainment" should be renamed to "Meals and Entertainment".

KB14106: Assigning PO Numbers

Purchase Order Numbers (PO#'s) are often required in order to track expenditures. 

A small amount of configuration will enable PO#'s to be assigned to Budget Requests:

  1. Go to the "App Administration" screen by using the link in the left Quick Launch menu from the home page of the app (you will need Administrator or site owner permissions).
  2. Go to the "Departments" list.
  3. Add a new item with the title "Procurement" (case sensitive!), and enter a user in the "User" field.
  4. Now when a Budget Request (AR) becomes completely approved, it will notify the person specified for Procurement that they have to assign a PO#. Once this is done, the AR Status is updated to "Active". 


KB14105: Installation Issue

We have come across an installation issue. This may (or may not) be an issue for you, depending on your SharePoint 2013 configuration!

Issue #1: On-Premises implementation of SharePoint 2013 (with SP1) fails with diagnostics log message "There is no Workflow App Part registered."
Andrew Connell has a description of the remedy here.


If you experience issues of any kind, feel free to comment below, click here to use this form, or email todd@capexworkflow.com, and we will look into it right away!

Thank you from the BudgetWorkflow.com team!

KB14104: iPhone Support

To enable iPhone support in the Budget Workflow App, a Device Channel entry has to be made in the host site (the SharePoint site hosting the App).

In the host site, go to "Site Settings" > "Look and Feel" > "Device Channels" and create a new item with the following column values:

  • Active: Yes
  • Name: iPhone
  • Alias: iPhone
  • Device Inclusion Rules: iPhone

Also ensure the default entry has not been deleted. It should have these values:

  • Active: Yes
  • Name: Default
  • Alias: Default

Browse to your Budget Workflow App using your iPhone, Create a New Budget Request, and you will see that optimum date and keyboard controls are presented for the device.

KB14102: Assigning permissions

When you first install the app, you may receive this message:

"Your user lacks the permissions required to configure the app. Your user needs to have 'Manage Web' permissions. This can be accomplished by assigning Full Control permissions for this user from the site hosting this app."

This can most commonly be accomplished by adding the user to the "Owners" group in the host site, and then navigating back to the app.

KB14101: Functional Areas and Categories

Functional Areas are the backbone of the Budget Workflow App, providing an easy way to manage:

  • Who is allowed to approve budget requests.
  • Budget thresholds (how far up the chain of management requests have to go before they are considered completely approved).

Functional Areas are corollaries to General Ledger accounts. Most businesses have these defined as areas of responsibility within departments or management areas of responsibility.


Categories don't affect the functionality of the Budget Workflow App, they are just there so that you have an extra bit of information about the budget request that has been submitted.


Click here for a slideshare that will get you started!