How do I monitor budget requests?

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The Budget Workflow App is only limited by the ability of your SharePoint 2013 installation to handle a volume of user requests. Therefore it is easy to envision hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of budget requests being active at any time.

  • The primary monitoring tools are the Summary or Drill-Down Reports. The Budget Workflow Manager will be available December 2015, and will provide enhanced monitoring capabilities.
  • The Budget Requests library contains the budget requests with their associated metadata, tasks, workflows, and workflow history.
  • The Exception Log list allows you to monitor any application errors.
  • Additional information is available using the standard SharePoint 2013 tools.

How Do I Install the Budget Workflow App?

1. Prerequisites

The Budget Workflow App can be installed on any SharePoint 2013 installation that has the app infrastructure and workflows enabled. (Office 365 has this all handled for you out of the box). You will need Administrator permissions, and a familiarity with your company's organizational structure.

2. Install
The Budget Workflow App is installed as an App from the Microsoft SharePoint Store:

3. At this point, all that remains is to configure the Budget Workflow App with it's custom functional areas and categories. A configuration wizard launches automatically, and will guide you through the process.